1 March 2015

Eat local, eat seasonal, eat delicious

If the vegetables you are eating have travelled halfway around the world, if your fruit is forced to grow when it isn't in season and if your eggs have never been for a walk – then it's time to think again.

Because if you want to get the best out of your food, to benefit from the most nutrients and to enjoy the most flavour, then you really need to make sure you have the best ingredients.

At Popina we do our utmost to source only the cream of the crop, in season and fresh from small independent farmers and growers. We only bake with British flour grown on the slopes of the Cotswolds and milled by FWP Matthews in Oxfordshire. Our fruit and vegetables all come from Manor Farm in Lincolnshire, Perry Court Farm in Kent and Millets Farm in Oxfordshire.

We use cheese from Lincolnshire Poacher. It is made with fresh unpasteurised cow's milk and matured for 12-24 months. We have chosen it for its amazingly rich, strong flavour and creaminess. We bake all our quiches, fruit tarts and brownies with Organic Free Range eggs from Rookery Farm in West Sussex.

We only choose milk and butter from cows grazing on the green fields of Britain

Also, we offer an all-vegetarian menu. It is fresh, seasonal and nourishing. You can find, dairy-free and vegan options too.

All our food is 100 per cent natural and made by hand not by machines. People tell us it's 110 per cent tasty too. But you really need to find that out for yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you to your local Popina Market Stall.

Popina Mayfair eatery
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