21 January 2015

Try Isidora’s seasonal specials

When you visit your local Popina Market Stall, you'll find a whole world of delicious pastries, tarts, brownies and pies. You'll be pleased to hear they're all made with fresh, locally sourced fruit or vegetables and the finest local eggs and flour. And of course, they're also made with love.

Every month you'll find a seasonal special at Popina. That's because I believe that to be at one with nature, it is essential to eat food that is not only fresh, wholesome and home grown, but also in season – just like nature intended.

I've been travelling the farms of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire and scoured the orchards of Kent in search of the perfect ingredients to create fabulous recipes brimming with goodness and gusto.

I've brought you back the best of the new season's rhubarb and asparagus; the juiciest Bramley apples, tangiest cherries, crispiest peppers, not forgetting the most thirst-quenching elderflowers and mouth-watering strawberries. I've packed my basket till it's overflowing with plump gooseberries, ruby red tomatoes, golden pumpkins, earthy mushrooms and much, more.

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